Day in the Dirt is the back-bone of Taikorea-MX providing a fun day out for all levels of off-road rider skill.
hether you're a new Pee Wee/Mini rider or a Pro - 500 class rider, we have a space for you at one of the Dirt-Days held at Taikorea through-out the year.

The fees are not expensive, they're priced to cover running expenses associated with the Park itself: tractor, track grooming, bunting, signage and general up-keep. In fact much of the work and maintenance is carried out by volunteers.

The purpose of Taikorea MX and Day in the Dirt in particular is to provide a fun-filled safe environment (well, as safe as motorcycles can be) for people who just want a great space to ride. It's also there to help foster our future stars within the sport. With Paul and Katherine Whibley running the show... you know you're heading in the right direction.

Enjoy your ride at Taikorea and if you have any ideas or feed-back for improvement email Paul.

When coming out for a ride at Taikorea-MX, you'll need three things:

A well serviced bike: It is up to the individual rider to make sure your bike is in a suitable condition to ride (Check brakes, spokes, chain play and suspension when topping up fuel, oil and air-pressure in the tyres)
A good helmet and boots: We highly recommend goggles and gloves also (especially when dusty)
Common sense: Follow the park rules. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time.

There's only a few rules to follow at the park, both Dirt-Days and out of hours:

- When riding anywhere in the park - always wear a helmet
- 8km riding in pit area and driving into Taikorea MX park (caution as 2-way traffic). We also don't want to lose our grass in the pit area
- Never ride in the reverse direction (Dirt-Day or out of hours)
- Be courteous of those less experienced than you on the track
- Close gates behind you if out of hours
- Don't ride alone out of hours
- Enjoy your experience.