Taikorea-MX track map

A few rules

When coming out for a ride at Taikorea-MX, you'll need...

A well serviced bike - It is up to the individual rider to make sure their bike is in a suitable condition to ride.
A good helmet and boots - We also highly recommend goggles and gloves also (especially when dry and dusty).
Ride within the stipulated hours (summer/winter). We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time.

- When riding anywhere in the park - always wear a helmet
- 8km riding in pit area and driving into Taikorea MX park (caution as 2-way traffic). We also don't want to lose our grass in the pit area.
- Never ride in the reverse direction
- Be courteous of those less experienced than you on the track
- Close gates behind you if out of hours
- Don't ride alone out of hours
- Enjoy your experience.

Events at Taikorea-MX

Click Facebook events for latest info. No matter what age, what class - if you've ridden at Taikorea-MX in the past or this is your first time - you're going to have a great ride.
Events range from Motocross (mini, junior and senior) to X-County and enduro-X.

Popular events:
NZXC Series - Taikorea 500 (Junior and Senior). Taikorea-MX with it's year round riding suitability has been the chosen venue for training both casual and professional, togther with Motocross and X-County events for many years. Below are past events run by Paul to give you a feel for the facility:

Taikorea Yamaha 500-2017 NZXC Race review (bikesportnz - Andy McGechan)
Yamaha 500-2016 NZXC Race review (bikesportnz - Andy McGechan)
Taikorea SPECTRO Race review (bikesportnz - Andy McGechan)
Taikorea Yamaha 500-2015 NZXC (bikesportnz - Andy McGechan)
Taikorea Yamaha 500-2014 (youTube)
Taikorea Yamaha 500-2013 (youTube)
Taikorea Yamaha 500-2012 (youTube)

Below: Enduro-X - Taikorea 500 start of race Enduro-X - Taikorea 500 race start